Student Life Without a Cell Phone

I had a mini heart attack last week when I left for school without my cell phone. I tried to go back – but it was too late, I would have missed my bus, so I had to go without it for the day. It was rough guys.

I’d rather leave home without clothes on than to leave for Ryerson without my phone again.

Which got me thinking…that was only one day but can you imagine what student life would be like without a cell phone in your hands at all times?

Remembering people’s phone numbers would be a chore. I can’t remember anyone’s number these days and with people constantly updating phones and changing numbers it’s almost impossible. I’d like to know if people randomly carried address books or a pen and paper around with them 24/7. Also, have you ever damaged or lost your phone and in turn lost all of your contacts and then had to post a facebook status asking all of your friends to text you their digits? It’s not fun.

How do you locate your friends in a crowd without a phone? Losing your BFF and navigating your way through thousands of people while shouting her name and looking stupid seriously sucks.  I would know. My friend went all of last summer with no phone and every time we went to a bar or concert I spent half the night wandering around searching for her and whatever guy she was warming up to that night. I literally have no idea how people kept track of their drunken friends before cell phones were invented.  (Or what people dropped into the toilet when they were drunk at the bar)

How did people find things in the dark? My phone doubles as a flashlight whenever I’m in a parking lot at night and drop my car keys on the ground.

How would you know when your train was leaving Union Station? The Go Transit App is one that I am forever thankful for. I can quickly check my train schedule. Instantly I know how much time I have to get to Union Station before my train leaves. I don’t need to look it up on a computer or check the paper schedule. Other apps that come in handy on a regular basis are Google Maps (for when I’m lost), TSN (for when I need to check the score of the game) and the Ryerson App that I constantly check the first few weeks of school when trying to remember all the room numbers on my schedule.

How do you talk shit about people without texting? When you’re in class you can’t just shout out loud that the person beside you smells like a sock, that would be rude and mean. Instead you do what any normal person would do – whip out your iPhone and message your best friend discreetly.  Without texting you couldn’t laugh at your drunken attempts at texts from last night,  and another scenario – If I meet someone at the club, and exchange numbers but cell phone’s don’t exist… does that mean I have to call their landline and leave a message?  I hope his mom doesn’t pick up because that would be totally awkward.

P.S. – Check out this link for a funny comic about life before and after cell phones