Student Leaders Part 1

Emerson Ganpatsingh

The title of the lead mentor of the Tri Mentoring Program, President of WISA and the Vice President of NSBE rests on the shoulders of this versatile 4th year Electrical Engineering student Emerson Ganpatsingh. Starting soon after his 2nd year, Emerson became a part of Tri Mentoring as a Student Lead Mentor which involved him in doing some mentoring, event planning, recruiting and public speaking among other things.

Emerson has also initiated the process of getting Tri Mentoring and the Learning Success Centre together for tutoring sessions that involve giving help to first year Engineering students. How does he balance all these things? Proper time management and knowing how to prioritize is the key according to him. Although there are some compromises that need to be made, studies would always be the prime focus for him. Emerson comes across as a person with a lot of self confidence which he accredits to his involvement with the campus life. An opportunist, he believes in striving for new challenges all the time. No wonder he can coordinate perfectly the tough side of engineering with his other responsibilities mentioned above.

Take on campus life at Ryerson? Emerson believes that the campus life here is very energetic and is an enriching experience for the ones involved in it. The atmosphere is encouraging and friendly. Emerson advises students beginning their university life to get involved in various campus groups, or RSU or anything related to campus life which would make them better individuals later on and he also wishes that he had started earlier because so much to do, and so little time.

Commanding an impressive, down to earth personality, this student leader can be the perfect role model for those who are afraid of doing something different, or of complaining how courses like engineering don’t give them time for anything else. Such people inspire many others.