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Stressed? Take a Moment to Focus

First, sync your breathing with this gif to refocus, to calm.

Inhale... Exhale... Inhale... Exhale...
Source: http://ow.ly/6Olf30apClX

Try some of these strategies:

1. Three minute calming breath – focus on the present to prepare for the next step: Take the time to reset your mood and focus by meditating daily. Sitting quietly for 3 minutes and focusing on your breath can give you the space to regroup and be more intentional in whatever you need to do next.

2. Be your own best friend in the moments you need it the most: When things go wrong we tend to blame ourselves for everything: being highly self-critical and impatient with our human flaws. Instead, what if we were able to be our own best friend—compassionate, kind, supportive, patient, loving—in the moments that we need it most?

3. Be gritty – stick to your goals, despite the obstacles: Grit is defined as perseverance and passion for very long-term goals. Choose your top priorities and keep focused on your end goal(s). Learn from your existing grit—what did you do to overcome these obstacles? Which attitudes, beliefs, and strategies worked best? Did you ask for help? Brainstorm in a team? Take a break? Use humour?

4. Use strategies and attitudes that have worked in other contexts: You already have faith in these strategies and attitudes because they are familiar and trustworthy in one context—all you need to do is transpose these to another situation and discover how they work there. You are more resilient than you realize, you just need to generalize these strategies and attitudes to new situations.

5. Stay connected to your community: Support from and to classmates, instructors, mentors, employers, friends, and family is what can get you through the tough times. Reciprocity is a great system and paying it forward can move mountains. There is strength in numbers and sometimes solidarity leads to social change.

And remember…

a pink ombre background with the phrase "Self care is a divine responsibility"

Text reading "We rise by lifting others"

a pink/orange background with the text "Believe in yourself"

A grey spotted background with the text "Be good to yourself too"

A dotted green background with a circle in the middle that says: "Actually, I Can."A peach background with the script "You are capable of amazing things"










You are not alone. If you are struggling, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, support is available in a variety of places and formats at Ryerson.
Learn more at studentlife.ryerson.ca/takecareru.