Staying Up to Date on Due Dates!

It hasn’t even been a full three weeks, and I’m already dying! It’s like, school started and my brain decided to take an extra long vacation. I can’t remember when I have a class, what the 2nd floor means in Ted Rogers language, and trying to remember when assignments are due…not happening. But I know I can’t continue on like this for that much longer! Before I know it reading week will be here, I’ll have a million assignments and then midterms. Ugh, bloody midterms.I know I’m not the only one in this rut, so I’m here to help!

Get yourself organized NOW so you’re not a sweating mess the day of an exam—let’s be honest, I’ve totally been there. Sitting in the metro convention centre, trying to read through all my notes while I put my wallet into a plastic bag. It’s no fun – at all. So here it goes, my advice on how to keep yourself organized, sane & alive!

Write dates down!

This is the most important & useful thing that you can do for yourself.

Beware: If you don’t write your due dates down, it may result in a case of long nights, sweaty palms, dark circles under the eyes, and a rapidly beating heart.

I know that a lot of dates are thrown at you in the first few weeks, and it can be hard to remember how much time you have for an assignment. But, don’t let it get to the point where you’re doing it the morning that it’s due! When a prof tells you the due date of your upcoming assignment, grab one of the following and write it down!!

I’ve tried a few different things, and here are the options I think work best:

Buy a calendar!

I recommend getting one with something entertaining on it. I know banks and such give out free ones, but who wants to look at a smiling happy family? I mean, I love happy people, but that won’t keep me looking. Get one with your favourite show (Dexter anybody?), or cute little kittens – something that will keep you looking! Once you have it, hang it above your bed, or on a fridge – somewhere you often check and can easily access to write all those important dates on.

Are you more of a techy?

Every computer has some sort of calendar app. If that doesn’t satisfy you, download something that allows you to enter dates & maybe even provides alarms? If you’re a mac user I recommend iProcrastinate ( It let’s you organize by class – AND colour codes everything – so when you look @ the monthly view, you can see exactly what is due when. If you’re not a mac user, or just don’t like that app – take a look @ – It looks like an organizational genius.

Don’t always look at your computer? Well, we all have cell phones! Open the calendar on your phone, add due dates & have your favourite song start playing as a reminder. But make sure to schedule the alarm at least a week before – having it remind you the same day it’s due, probably won’t help too much.

If none of that works for you, go the simple highschool route & Buy an agenda! If you didn’t catch the free ones Ryerson gave out during orientation week, head over to Indigo ( — or a dollar store (777 Bay Street).  You can write Week 1, Week 2, etc. at the top of every week & write your due dates in accordingly. It’s nice because it’s small enough that you can just throw it in your bag & have it on you all week. *This is my #personalfave – tweet us yours @RUStudentLife.

Once you have one of those, you’re set! BUT you have to make sure to keep writing due dates, updating changed dates (always check your rmail) and just stay on top of everything!

A couple other notes!

Does your prof NEVER tell you when something is due? Are you super keen and want to stay on top of it all? Head over to blackboard @ – download your syllabus & see it all right there!

Never forget to write in other dates!

It’s important to keep track of school dates, but don’t let that be the only thing you’re keeping up to date on. When I have a special event (such as a concert or a show premiere) I put it in my agenda and draw like mad around that date. I like to jazz up those sections so they’re super exciting to look at. It keeps me motivated to get through the next couple of weeks. I like to know something more than just assignments are heading my way!

If you’re simply writing down school due dates, your calendar will be full of nothing but studies. And do you want that? No. We all need a break!

So stay on top of your work, buy yourself some sort of organizer – or download an app. Have another idea? Do you rely on something entirely different to keep organized? Comment below! We love hearing from y’all!