Spring Clean Your Life

They say a clean space is a clean mind and after a long and bone-chilling winter, that is exactly what we need: a fresh start to a new, and much warmer season.

Your personal living space

Tackle your living space first. How about one place where some of us need to spend more time, your bed. It’s time to add in fresh sheets, clean pillows, and a made bed. Your room isn’t really completely clean, and won’t give that sense of freshness, if your bed is not made.

Next, take over all those little nik-naks in your room and use organizers to section off everything you have and have a home for everything. Do the same with your bathroom. Click here for organizational ideas!

Finally, clean your closet. Get rid of clothes you barely wear anymore or you have grown out of. Creating piles works well to keep things organized: a pile to keep, a pile for donation, and a pile for recycling or scrap.

Your working area

A messy study space can create more procrastination with your academic work. If you tidy your desk or study space, you will feel motivated to get stuff done. Use organization techniques like putting loose papers in a desk box to keep them in one place rather than scattered on your desk to get your stuff organized and keep it that way. 

Moving electronic wires off your desk will also create a scatter free and less tangles. Try doing one of these DIY projects to keep your wires organized and out of site. If you’re looking for more info, here is a list of 12 desk organization hacks!

Academic world

Your academics can get really cluttered throughout the year so start with emptying out your backpack and organizing the scrap papers from classes. Doing this before the start of exams would definitely be very beneficial. If you prefer note taking on your computer, make sure all your files of notes are all in one place, separated with other sub-folders! If you know where everything is, you wont’ waste valuable study time.

Your life online

Sometimes we may post a few photos on our Facebook profiles or tweet tweets that should not have been tweeted. This spring, take some time to go back through your social media accounts and clean out anything that probably should not be online. Un-follow and un-friend those who are no longer that relevant in your life or on social media, un-subscribe from all those YouTube channels that just take up your subscription feed, or even take a look at the apps you have on your phone that you barely use as well, and delete those. Follow these and other 13 social media spring cleaning chores you need to accomplish this spring.

Mind clutter

And finally, with the spring season starting right before the start of exams, our minds become one huge mess of knowledge and stress as well. Do what makes you feel stress free and calm during such a hectic period like going for a run, doing some meditation, or even taking some time to reflect on yourself.

In the end, you want to enjoy walking into your newly cleaned room, admiring your fresh closet, and crawling into your bed with freshly cleaned sheets. If you need any more inspiration on ways to spring clean your mind, click here.

What are your favourite spring cleaning activities to declutter your space or mind? Share yours in the comments below or tweet us @RUStudentLife!