Sports, sports, sports! Hockey is back tonight!

Were you one of the hundreds of Leafs fans who packed into Maple Leaf Square last May to watch the team’s first playoff round in nine years?

Were you standing on a coffee table, jumping up and down, screaming at your television set in the middle of your living room before it was all over?

Most importantly, do you still Be-LEAF?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you know what’s up Toronto.

Hockey is back.

Those three magic words bring excitement and anticipation to the city around this time of year.

Toronto’s pubs suddenly turn into the local gathering ground for students avoiding homework to catch the game. Sports-fans walk the streets wearing their favourite player’s jersey. Facebook posts turn into bros arguing over who will win this year’s Hart Trophy as the most valuable player. (This argument usually ends in one bro insulting the other bro’s mother.)

Yes Ryerson, NHL hockey is back, and I know you’re excited.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will be looking to build on last year’s success in their opener against Montreal at the Bell Centre tonight.  A rival game at its finest.

Of course some Leafs are still serving suspensions from a pre-season brawl/entire line fight/goalie fight against Buffalo on Sept. 22.

You remember that right?

Tonight’s other match ups include the Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers and the Washington Capitals face-off against last year’s Stanley Cup champions the Chicago Blackhawks.

You can catch the Leafs vs Habs game on literally any television station tonight in Toronto, because literally every sports-fan and sports bar will be tuned into CBC.

I’m just going to throw it out there that I might be a Habs fan so I feel outnumbered on campus today with all the Leafs jerseys I’ve spotted around Ryerson.

To be fair, I won’t chirp at any Leafs fans in this blog, I will leave the crazy hockey rants to Don Cherry.



What you do need to know about hockey this year is that the NHL has made changes to the divisions and conferences. Detroit is now playing in the East and Winnipeg joins the West. All 30 teams will play in all 30 arenas at least once this season, which gives everyone a chance to see their favourite players from other teams.  For more about all of that visit here.

In other Toronto sports news this week, basketball fans had the city buzzing yesterday with official word that Toronto will host the 2014 NBA All-Star Game.

Hometown rapper Drake was at the Air Canada Centre to for the announcement, where we also found out that he will be the new “global ambassador” for the Toronto Raptors.  (Not really sure what that means but I guess he will be promoting the franchise, which has seen fading fortunes in recent years.)


The NBA All-Star Game is set for Sunday, February 16. It will be the first time the game will be held outside the United States.

Finally, I can’t write about Toronto sports without saying goodbye to The Jays who wrapped up their disappointing season at the Rogers Centre this past Sunday.

It was not what we expected this year, but exactly what we are used to, a season ending without a play-off or wildcard spot.  But what can I say? Catching a Jays game is one of my favourite things to do in this city and despite the less-than-thrilling end to their season, I’ll still be there on opening day next April waiting for their next World Series Championship. So thank you Blue Jays for the fun summer!

Well Ryerson are you as excited as this baby for NHL to be back?


What are you doing for this week’s hockey match ups? Are you pumped the NBA All-Star Game is coming to Toronto next year?  What are you most looking forward to this season?

Let us know on twitter @RUStudentLife or in the comments below!