So You’ve Been Accepted to Ryerson…Now What?

If you were mailed a bulky congratulatory package from Ryerson, you’re probably feeling pretty good right now. And you should! You’re about to join Canada’s leader in innovative, career focused education that’s reshaping the downtown core. So take a moment to celebrate! Are you done? Good, because this summer you have a bit to prepare. Here’s the most important things you’ll need to get done before coming to Ryerson in the fall.

Transfer Credits
If you have attended any other university before coming to Ryerson this year, you should look at applying for transfer credits. Many courses you have taken at a prior university can count towards your Ryerson degree. That means if you have completed two years Psychology at another university, you won’t need to start your degree over at Intro to Psychology I, but can jump right into courses like Psychological Disorders. Applications can be found here for all Ontario universities and several out-of-province schools.

If you’re not about that long commute to Ryerson life, it may be a good idea to consider living in residence. Imagine your own room right in the centre of downtown that turns your commute from a bus, Go Train and 20 minute walk to a few simple steps out your building door and into class (or the quad, the Eaton Centre, the Ryerson Athletic Centre and every Friday night party in the city). Ryerson offers three residences: Pitman Hall, the International Living and Learning Centre and O’Keefe House, all three of which come with a meal plan (although O’Keefe’s is optional). If you haven’t already applied, it’s time to get on that as the deadline is June 7! Secure your spot in rez here.

Just as you need a piece of identification to drive a car, get a job, or strut into a bar, you need one to attend Ryerson. Your OneCard is the most important piece of I.D. you will have during your time at Ryerson that you will need to write exams, get into the gym, or take out a book from the library, among other things. It will also get you some pretty sweet discounts at stores and restaurants around campus and the surrounding area. Now this summer, you’re going to need to submit a personal headshot and application to get a OneCard. So brush those pearly whites, comb your hair and snap a picture with a white background. Fill out the OneCard application (due August 15) here.

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a mix of grants and loans available for students. It assesses your current finances and projected expenses (No, beer does not count) to decide how much the government of Ontario will fund your education. While some of the money will come as a grant or bursary, some will be a student loan that you will have to start paying back six months after you graduate. By filling out the online application, you will automatically be eligible for Ontario’s 30% off tuition grant.

Has anyone ever given you money for just being yourself? Well, you’re about to get some – if you play your cards right. Ryerson offers a wide range of scholarships to help pay for your education. There are basic entry ones for having good marks in high school, program-specific ones, university wide awards and the big ones sponsored by external organizations. You will have to fill out an application or maybe write a short essay but it’s definitely worth it. Just think, the more scholarships you get, the less OSAP loans you’ll need. So start applying!

Activate Online Identity
To access many of Ryerson’s online resources, you need to activate your online I.D. by completing a series of online forms. You’ll choose a username, password and personal Ryerson email address that will give you access to Ryerson mail, Google apps, the my.ryerson portal, RAMSS (where you manage your courses) and campus computer labs. Applications open August 2 here.

Course Enrollment
In first year, you will automatically be enrolled in many courses required for your degree, but you will still have a few electives that you can choose. Once you’ve activated your online identity and can access RAMSS, you need to start researching what courses you want to take, because they’ll fill up quickly. Then sometime in late August, you’ll have the pleasure of waking up at 5a.m. (or staying up until then) to officially enroll in the courses you want. If early mornings aren’t your thing, you can enroll anytime over the next few weeks, but classes fill up very quickly, so crack a couple Red Bulls and get what you want.

Attend Orientation
Are you nervous about coming to Ryerson, want to meet new people, or are curious about campus? Then orientation is the place for you. August 26-30 is going to be a week packed full of sensation events to welcome incoming students. Oh, did I mention they’re all free?! If you’re looking for a last week of summer filled with good friends and good times, come down to O-Week.