SLS is Moving: The Ryerson Student Learning Centre

Written by Sabrina Melder, Administrative Assistant for Student Learning Support


Working as an Administrative Assistant for Student Learning Support has been an amazing experience thus far. Working with such a bright and friendly group of people has made the job easy, enjoyable and something to look forward to. SLS has the opportunity to work with so many different kinds of students and staff at Ryerson University, and it is a privilege to be part of a team who provides such a variety of informative services. It is always a feeling of success when a student comes into the office with distress painted all over their face, but then leaves with a huge smile of satisfaction. For example, at Writing Support, the Writing Consultants do an amazing job providing students with assistance in their assignments, in such an understanding and friendly manner. Furthermore, working at Student Learning Support has its perks! We received a tour of the brand new, beautiful, big, spacious, STUDENT LEARNING CENTRE building! That’s right. It was exciting enough knowing that a new building was going to open in Winter 2015, which was going to dedicate all its space to students for their study and learning needs, but what’s even more exciting is that the entire Student Learning Support will be moved there, and we will have an entire floor dedicated to just us! Currently, all the departments are separated and spread across campus, but soon when all the SLS services come together, it will be an exciting experience to interact with all the other staff and students in the other departments.


To guide you through the new Student Learning Centre, we start off by walking into this wide open glass concept space where we have a very blue ceiling waiting to greet us and help us transition into the rest of the coloured floors that await us.

Open Study Space

This floor is dedicated to students just relaxing and hanging out, soaking in some free time – just like at the beach. This floor helps foster an open study space to its entirety. What can you expect here? To start off: really comfy chairs, wheelchair accessibility, and large TV’s highlighting new and upcoming events all around Ryerson.


What to expect in the open study space in the Ryerson Student Learning Centre, opening February 2015

Next Stop: Student Learning Support

Student Learning Support will be moving to the 4th floor of the new Student Learning Centre, and this one-stop floor will give you a chance to find all academic support programs: Academic Accommodation Support (previously known as the Access Centre), English Language Support, Graduate Student Support, Math Support, Study Skills and Transition Support, and Writing Support. Once you make your way out of the elevators, you will be greeted by our front desk who will assess your needs and direct you appropriately to the support area and help register you for an individual appointment, workshop or group session. Learn more about what each service provides, on their website, and in this blog post.

Lobby8 (1)

The soft opening of the Student Learning Centre is just weeks away, and we can’t wait to see you there. The SLS team is so excited to be moving and we hope to see you all there using up all the free services available to you, our students. Please follow us on Twitter at SLS, and stay up to date on our current and future events.