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And I can feel it right now, I’m just where I want to be. We are unstoppable. We are unbreakable. We are invincible. And I feel alive with you.


toronto 2

There’s this beach near my hometown in Ireland called Benone Beach. It’s seven miles of golden sand, and when I stand on it and look out at the ocean I feel something indescrible. It’s like the entire world is wide open, right in front you, and you feel invincible and powerless all at once. Somedays it’s so windy there that you can’t catch your breath. Other days it’s calm, and peaceful. You could run for miles and feel like you would never hit the end, and looking out at where the ocean meets the sky you would think it could go on forever. I would look out at the wide open ocean and think about my future, and the immensity of it all, and think that it was just that…

Wide open.

Benone Beach
Benone Beach

It’s ok to be scared. A lot of the time, most of us are afraid to admit our fears, but the reality is that the future is a daunting concept. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next and although the ocean is enormous and beautiful, it can also be overwhelming to the point where you feel like you’re drowning. Meeting new people, being away from home and the thought of failure are all very scary concepts. But imagine this. Imagine if you were scared, but you decided to do it anyway. To dive headfirst into the future with everything you have – the fears and hopes and failures and desires. Imagine if you learned how to swim.

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At Massey Hall for the Haim and Ellie Goulding concert!

This week I started classes. I’ve met more friends and very cool professors, and began my journey in Media Production. I was nervous to start classes but it has been very interesting and enjoyable so far, and I love the feeling of walking on campus and knowing that this is what I worked towards for so long. There are certain classes which I love and others which I find more challenging because they push me out of my comfort zone, but I know that working hard and trying my best is the most important thing. Hardwork pays off. Failure also pays off, if you learn from it. I’m excited to grow as much as possible while I’m here, to make new friends and to make mistakes, and hopefully make some more of my dreams come true.

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End of summer milkshakes at Johnny Rockets!

I also met up with the amazing Road to Ryerson team this week for lunch. The best part of this opportunity was getting to know Raven, Mikael, Enna and Nolan, and documenting this very important time of our lives together. I also loved meeting the RU Student Life team and want to thank them for letting me to share my story and for welcoming me into the Ramily. I feel so lucky to be a part of it and for this experience.

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With the amazing Road to Ryerson crew
With the amazing Road to Ryerson crew, LG and Ryerson Student Affairs

You can never predict the future, which is a scary and beautiful thing. I would have never been able to predict that I would be chosen to share my Road to Ryerson, and that the journey would be as awesome as it has been.

The future is ours. It’s wide open. Whatever we want it to be. Whoever we want to become. The choices are all up to us now, and we can sit back and let these moments overwhelm us, or we can use them as a way to make our lives amazing. The future is here, beholding all our hopes and dreams, and we can easily let it pass us by.

But I say we chase it.


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