Share your story with us during this strange time

What’s going on? How are you dealing? What are you doing? We want to know.

As the world comes together (by being apart) to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Ryerson University has suspended all in person classes, activities, events and ceremonies until further notice. The pandemic impacts all students, faculty, and staff alike. Some of you may be questioning how you are able to complete your work to the best of your ability without in class lectures? How will you pay rent? What does this mean for student groups next year? Will you be able to graduate smoothly? 

In many ways, we’re working harder than ever. But in others, it is as if a giant PAUSE button has been pressed, the rippling effect felt in every mind and body across the world. 

These are uncertain times, and we want you to openly express your thoughts, feelings and experiences through creativity. Submit any writing, photography, drawings, art, presentations, collages, memes, group chats, music, or other creative work which shares your daily experiences, what you’re thinking about or experiencing, etc. Feel free to submit anything, there are no guidelines or limits! 

We hope to create an online storytelling experience and we may feature your work in it, or share it on social media across @rustudentlife. 

Stay strong, stay healthy and stay creative!

Submit something you already made! Fill in our form here to submit.

Creative prompts to reflect on if you need help getting started

  • How do you find motivation to study/work?
  • If you could share a message with frontline workers during this time? What would you say? Try a different medium you’re not used to to express that.
  • Describe a moment of growth you’ve had already.
  • How are you staying connected to Ryerson? Or to your role as a student?
  • What’s felt the most unusual about this period? What do you take comfort in?
  • Have you adopted any new rituals?
  • What was the first thing you thought of when you found out that the university would be switching to an online platform?
  • The day the university switched to online classes because of the COVID-19 outbreak, I was doing…I was feeling…I was hoping to…
  • My routine used to consist of…now it consists of… What next steps would you like to take in ensuring that you can make the best of this unideal situation?
  • What is it you are most passionate about? Why?
  • Draw yourself as a Ryerson student three weeks ago. Then, draw yourself as a Ryerson student today.
  • Snap a few photos or draw some sketches that capture a new habit you’ve adopted.
  • Using all the letters of your first name, assign a word to each letter describing how you feel about the pandemic.
  • Share a picture or drawing of your daily routine – what do you do every day to create some sense of normalcy?
  • Share your reading or movie list!
  • What’s one way your routine actually hasn’t been disrupted? What does that feel like?
  • How are you adjusting to an online learning format?
  • What does it feel like to be a part of a global experience like this? Imagine yourself in twenty years looking back on this experience – what do you imagine for yourself and the world?
  • Share a drawing about: Something that confuses you or sparks your curiosity about Ryerson’s shift to online learning.
  • How has the pandemic changed the way you relate to technology or social media?
  • Have you noticed your screen time or habits change?
  • Share or link us a song/web article/poem/TikTok video/IG post or influencer or anything at all that has brought you momentary relief or joy during the pandemic.
  • What advice would you give other students about coping with change?
  • In moments where you are feeling distracted or disconnected, what do you tell yourself?
  • How are you practicing active well-being during this time? Have you tried any online yoga or fitness classes or meditation?
  • Share a photo of a way you’ve rewarded yourself for persevering in big or small ways through this time.