Services At Ryerson You May Not Know But Need To Use

Wedged into the downtown core of Canada’s biggest city, there’s often so much going on around Ryerson that it can be tough to figure out what’s going on at the school. With so much information and advertising thrown at us everyday, it’s easy to miss great opportunities that can greatly enhance your four years here. While you won’t find ads for these plastered beside the cheap essay help and Oasis Aqua Lounge posters, here are a few essential services at Ryerson you need to take advantage of.

Writing Centre
On the first floor of Ryerson’s library, on the far side of the sea of computers is LIB 272B, home of the Writing Centre. It offers a variety of resources to help you ace that 12 page essay you’re dreading or help you become more confident in your writing abilities. You can book one on one appointments (half and full hour slots available), attend writing workshops, join a writing group – where students discuss techniques and help each other – and even get help online! It’s open this summer until August 16 and then again when fall classes start. For more information or to book an appointment, check out the website here.

Math Centre
Looking to ace Calculus II or just want to be able to add without using your fingers? Then the Math Centre is the place for you. Located in LIB 549, it offers support for any student taking a math or statistics course. Open seven days a week (hours vary by day), you can drop in for an individual or group tutoring session. They also offer a new Math Facilitated Study Groups (FA-ST) which target specific courses that are known to be challenging. You can check out their hours and tutor information here. Pay them a visit and you’ll be solving all kinds of number problems you never thought possible.

Health Promotion
In Kerr Hall West 277 you will find a dedicated team of people ready to answer any questions you have about your health and well being. They can help answer most questions you have about mental health, smoking, fitness and nutrition, substance safety and sexual health. If they can’t help with your query, they have a list of community agencies to refer you to. So stop by the health promotion office, because that diet of Kraft Dinner and Pabst Blue Ribbon isn’t going to keep you in top shape.

Student Services Information Desk
From Jorgenson Hall, the Podium and Library all being the same building, to Ted Rogers School of Management’s floors 1,2,3 also being 7,8 and 9, Ryerson’s layout is a mystery that has been confusing students for years now. Well fear no more lost grasshopper, the Student Services Information Desk is here to help. This is basically the holy grail of student services, that you can visit (POD 61), tweet (@AskmeRU), phone (416-979-5187) or email ( to answer literally any question you have about school. If you’re ever struggling with how the Sally Horsfall building seems to have no men’s washrooms, head over to the Student Services Info Desk, if you can find it.

Tri-Mentoring Program
Just down the hall from the Info Desk in POD 54 is Tri-Mentoring, a program aimed to help new students’ transition into university and graduates’ move into their workforce. There’s always something for you at Tri-Mentoring no matter where you are in your university career. New students can sign up in this summer or in the fall to be paired up with an older student who will help guide you through your first year here at Ryerson. Any upper year students can be those guides, even if they weren’t part of the group in first year. Those in their final year can be paired up with a professional mentor who has a minimum of five years experience in their field. The program is not only a great support throughout university, but a great way to meet new people. Check out their website here.

Centre for Student Development & Counselling
Located in JOR 07C, the Centre for Student Development & Counselling helps students solve any immediate personal difficulties they’re experiencing, while helping them define their long-term personal, academic and professional goals. There are a variety of options for students seeking help, including group sessions and confidential individual counselling. Visit their website for contact and service information, short guides and tip sheets for students and parents.