Selfie-obsessed? Time to get a head shot!

Selfies. They’ve become ingrained into our social-media routines.

Staring into the iPhone lens – holding it out at arms length, slightly above the head to make our cheek bones look great and our eyes pop, the next step is to turn to your best side, and qeue the pouty lips or duck face, position thumb over button. CLICK.

Many of us have mastered the art of a selfie, flooding Instagram and Facebook with seven, eight, nine selfies in a row. We love our Snap Chat.

Why are we all so damn selfie-obsessed?

I do not know the answer, and I actually don’t like having my picture taken. I have no idea why. I just don’t take very many selfies – you can check out my Instagram page for proof.

But seriously: I think part of the purpose of the selife is to make us look cute, and it’s usually a fast way to get a positive comment about ourselves on social media. (Which there is nothing wrong with as long as you are confident in yourself.)

Selfies are also about controlling our personal brand and image in the online world. While they can be fun and playful, we must always be aware of how we’re portraying ourselves on the Internet. When potential employers and hiring managers look at your online profiles – it’s not a good image if they only see your best duck face and a few sexy poses in front of the mirror.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s okay to have a few selfies here and there, but I think it’s much more interesting to share other personal photos such as travelling, concerts, sporting events, and even our dogs and cats! Plus everything you share on social media says something about you, and when you start building a Linkedin profile or begin job searching – a great, professional-looking photo will make you employable to your future boss more than any iPhone selfie ever will.

That’s why you should consider having professional head shots taken for your social media profiles. And you’re in luck because a group on campus is offering to take professional head shots for a great price. They are fundraising for a documentary you can get a head shot done for only $10 this Thursday November 21 or Friday November 22. The group taking the photos are studying radio and television so you know they can take great photos and make you look your best!

Here is their flyer with more information. You can contact the group and book an appointment by e-mailing