Campus Gems You Need to Know About

Remember the friend that introduced you to Radiohead? Or MGMT? Or whatever alternative band that changed your perception of what music can do?



The most normal clip of MGMT in history

That friend seemed so cool and intelligent, like they knew what was up. And hey! You, too, can be that friend! Let me show you some of the coolest things on Ryerson’s campus your friends might not know about.

Food! The Hidden Starbucks


The sweetest baristas, too

Everyone knows that Starbucks is everywhere. But, good luck trying to sneak away to the one at Church and Gerrard on your fifteen minute break. I didn’t know that Ryerson had their one freaking Starbucks hidden away in the Podium. When you’re climbing up the staircase to go to the library, break your intuition and stop after one staircase. Go straight ahead, and find the least busy Starbucks in the world!

Fun! Ryerson Image Centre

ryerson image centre

More than just a pretty face

This one might seem kind of weird, but I had never actually been inside the Image Centre for the first two years I went to Ryerson. But then one day, I actually decided to go in because I had an hour to kill, and was very nearly late for my next class. They have amazing exhibits, starting Wednesday September 17th with one exhibit on war photos and another on video game technology and military training. Check them out!

Learning! Kerr Hall Study Classrooms!

kerr hall

It’s like a little oasis of greenery and silence in downtown Toronto

Know what’s hard? Studying! And doing homework! Know what’s even harder? Finding a place to do it at Ryerson. However, I learned something neat. See the little stickers above the doors to each classroom in Kerr Hall? They mean something! Green stickers mean it’s okay to just go in there and study, as long as there’s no class. So next time the library is full, head down the hall to a quieter, more spacious area.

Media! The Scope!

Once upon a time, Ryerson had an FM station. Unfortunately, the people running it at the time didn’t take care of it, and the government decided to give it to someone else.



Something pretty awesome came out of losing it, though

However, because sometimes life really is fair, we got a new radio station! Now we have the Scope. You don’t have to be in media production to be involved, and you can have your own radio show! If you wanna get involved and play, in the immortal words of Taylor Swift, a “sick beat”, or interview some neat peeps, drop by. They’re located in the second floor of the Student Centre, so go up the stairs near Oakham Cafe and turn right down the little hallway. It’s hidden away, but the message on the radio goes loud and far.

Know anymore hidden gems tucked away in our expansive campus? Comment below or tweet/email/Facebook/holler at us and let me know! Until then, share these secrets and revel in the pleasure of getting to be the cool friend.