Save some cash: Fold your own phone dock

When getting a new phone, one of the most exhilarating things that come next is buying accessories for it. Sure, you want a case to protect your new purchase, but what about something else? What about for when you come home from a long day and want to plop your phone down into its own little home, without you having to worry about it?

Docks are great for keeping track of your phone and charging it at the same time, but they can cost upwards of $50, depending on your phone’s model. Thankfully, you won’t always have to pay for a dock, thanks to the wonders of the Internet.

This week, I bring you a little list I found that uses a number of inventive solutions to give you somewhere to rest your phone. Most of the models are foldable, and give you PDFs that you can bring to a print service like Copy Rite and get printed on durable card stock. While this is definitely a superior option to plain letter paper, you might want to see what you can scrounge up before you pony for premium printing.

Some designs are simple, while others take a bit of liberties with the amount of construction you have to do. I’m a personal fan of the one below: why doesn’t everyone have a crank to change orientations?

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