Save it or Shave it?

Movember has come and gone, and upper lips everywhere are smoother than a baby’s bottom. While many men were too happy to shave the itch away, and many women breathed sighs of relief. It seemed like a pity to me to just shave it all away.

For most of the month, moustaches start off thin and wispy like Michael Cera’s (click if you dare), it’s only into the last few weeks of Movember that they start to look fuller, manlier, and less prepubescent. If only Movember lasted a couple more months, we could see some well-developed moustaches instead of someone who looks like they’re wanted in police custody.

Although they have good intentions, moustaches unintentionally add a creepy factor. Many of history’s greatest  and most attractive men donned the moustache. It’s the difference between boys and private investigators (re: Tom Selleck), the difference between average and Freddie Mercury, who would Charlie Chaplin and William Shakespeare be without their moustaches? It’s like Batman without the mask, the mystery and allure of the man is gone.

Given, there’s mo’ to a man than his moustache (sorry). But, like Batman, health is an important part to his life. And that’s what started this whole Movember movement. It’s really only the tip of a much larger issue.

The month of Movember is such a high time for donations and conversations. I can’t think of a better ice breaker than a big, hairy one that sits just above your lip. Men are open to talking about their health, getting checked, learning about their family’s history with cancer, it’s a high time for health awareness. Why does it only last one month? Movember could so easily carry on into ‘Decembeard’ and ‘Manuary’.

Last year, Canada was the top country in the world to contribute to Movember. And this year, a man from Saskatchewan was the world’s top Movember fundraiser. Most of donations go to Prostate Cancer Canada, where innovative research is always underway.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. For both men and women, it starts early with cancer detection – going to get checked. Numerous studies show that the earlier a diagnosis is determined, the better chance there is for successful treatment. Maybe we need only one month of the year to get a check-up, learn about cancer in your family. But adopting a healthier lifestyle should be a year-long event. And if that means keeping a hairy souvenir on your upper lip as a reminder to yourself, then yes, go wild and celebrate Decembeard, Manuary, and Februhairy. I will fully support your ‘stache.