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(Sandy) Alex G – A Starter’s Guide

What began as a kid messing around on GarageBand and performing basement shows in Philly has evolved into an artist worthy of a cult following. (Sandy) Alex G has a massive discography that consists of five albums on Spotify, eight full length albums as well as various singles and EPs on Bandcamp and countless unreleased compilations on Youtube and Tumblr

I was introduced to Alex G a few years ago when a friend sent me a link to his Bandcamp. It was the kind of music experience that you can’t stop thinking about and immediately want to share with others. Every album (and every song, for that matter) makes you feel something different. He is one of the most talented songwriters I can think of, often managing to evoke a certain mood with very few words. Certain lyrics will always stick with me, like “quiet is the closest thing we’ve got” from Kicker.

When asked about his creative process in 2015, Alex explained, “the process is pretty much the same process that I’ve always done. I’ll sit and play the guitar for a while and when something sounds good, I’ll record it and then add onto it. Really straightforward”.

Nonetheless, Alex G is always evolving as an artist. In the past, his recording process has been solitary experience. However, last year, Alex was invited to work with Frank Ocean on his albums “Blonde” and “Endless”.  After that, he opened up to the idea of collaboration and eventually released his own collaborative album, “Rocket”.

Alex worked on the album with his bandmates Sam Acchione and John Heywood as well as violinist Molly Germer and vocalist Emily Yacina. He explains,  “I was just tired of doing the same thing. When I would record previous albums, there’d be a method to it. I’d be like, ‘This song needs drums, that needs guitar, that needs this.’ I think those same sounds, and that same feel, are starting to get old.”

It almost feels wrong to try to categorize Alex G. In interviews, he explains that he is not loyal to any particular sound. This is part of what makes his music so appealing – he is always exploring and expanding his repertoire. The result is a discography that is endlessly satisfying. Alex G’s diverse body of work can be pretty overwhelming at first glance, so here’s a playlist to get you started.

Track list:

  1. Harvey
  2. Mary
  3. Sarah
  4. After Ur Gone
  5. Boy
  6. New
  7. Sorry
  8. Kicker
  9. Rules
  10. Sum Secret
  11. Guilty
  12. Proud

Bonus (not on Spotify):

     13. Things to do

     14. Gnaw

     15. Blew

     16. Written in Blood

     17. Big World

     18. Big Problems



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