Salad King’s Final Bow on Gould

Salad King’s demise on the corner of Gould and Yonge Streets has been like an some ill-fated Greek tragedy, slowly playing out in front of our eyes. First, the collapse of the building’s wall in which Salad King was in brought tears to the eyes of pad thai lovers across campus. So many questions needed answering: Where would we go for our cheap, lunchtime fix now? Where else would the number of chilies be more important than what you actually ordered?

Since when do walls just fall?

Then the cheap eatery got stuck in the middle of a legal limbo. The owner of the building wanted the place torn down. The City of Toronto said the 122-year-old building, known as The Empress Hotel, had to stay as a heritage site. Amidst the hoopla, Ryerson even threw its hat into the ring, expressing hopes to buy the building.. But a week before the winter semester kicked off, all bets were off. A six-alarm fire ripped through what remained of the restaurant, leaving all hopes for Salad King’s return to the location out the door.

But while we’ve been forced to eat elsewhere for the past nine months, Salad King is planning to reopen sometime in early February at 340 Yonge Street, just above Foot Locker. With a bigger kitchen, new booths and its legendary communal tables, our need for Thai food in between classes will surely be filled again.  Follow Salad King on Twitter @SaladKingTO to get all the latest updates on the reopening.

Happy eating!

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