Ryerson Tech Tip: Google Calendar

University students aren’t really known for their organization; some are definitely more adept than others. However, there’s a lovely tool that a lot of you probably have run into in the past, or have at least heard about: Google Calendar.

You might be wondering, “Matt, why bring up something that’s so easy to use already?”

The trick is using a tool that’s already relatively simple and making it powerful. Using a calendar is only half the battle if you’re disorganized in doing so.

LifeHacker has a lovely article about setting up calendars under different headings in order to maximize your sorting; instead of just keeping things under one heading, it recommends creating sub-lists like “Hard Appointments” and “Activities” so you can tell the general priority of an item. When time is valuable and you might need to rearrange your schedule, it’s definitely helpful to know what you can afford to change.

However, I find the real strength behind Google Calendar comes when its properly synced with everything. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, you can configure Google Calendar to list events for you by sending them a certain SMS, or even alerting you beforehand when an event is about to start. If you have an iPhone or Android, you should be able to sync your calendar to apps just by signing in with your Google Account.