Ryerson Student Marketplace gives students a place to sell their wares

Whether they’re in the business program or not, some students at Ryerson just have the entrepreneurial spirit. They have the drive to recognize their talents and turn that into cash, whether it’s through services or selling a product. Ryerson’s got a way for these students to show off their wares, too: it’s called the Ryerson Student Marketplace, and it took place this past week in the Student Centre.

I had a chance to talk with one of the participants (and a friend of mine), Jennifer Tse. Jenn’s a photographer, and her pictures of her adventures were turned into prints for people to purchase. She had a booth set up (conveniently across from the TTC metropass line) and was selling these prints and advertising a raffle for some free merch. If anything else, it’s advertising for future clients: all it takes is one person to need photography services and think of her for this to be a success.

I love these kinds of things because they really reward people who take their own initiative; I mean, we all go to university to get jobs, but nothing’s stopping us from trying to get a little bit of money while we’re here. If anything else, these skills that we learn the hard way will transfer over to the workplace when we get out of here, and hopefully we’ll end up ahead.