Ryerson is awesome!!

Hey everyone welcome back to school and to those who are new, congratulations for choosing the coolest (and the hippest) place to call school. And yes I’m not saying that it is all about having fun, but when you go to Ryerson you will see how exactly work and play can turn out to be perfectly synchronized.

So without beating around the bush I am going to tell you guys (the ones who are new and don’t know much about downtown/Ryerson) where you should hang out+ some general tips. Starting as a confused(and scared) beginner coming to Toronto for the first time in my life I pretty much know how nerve-racking it can be.

First things first for those of you who get lost while finding the different buildings where the classes are supposed to be, keep a copy of the map with you at all times. There are also campus maps located near each building (if you can find them). The maps are easy to read and if nothing else works, just ask someone..!! Ryerson’s campus is all full of friendly people willing to come to your rescue.

Need to buy second hand books? (recommended to save money), the Used Book Room is the place to go to.

Feel like doing some group study along with hanging out with friends? Go to the library, 4th floor. Want some peaceful and quiet study? Go to the 6th, 7th, 9th or the 10th floor instead. Bored of classes?(or probably skipping classes? ), chill with your buddies at the Student lounges (in the library building), the Eaton Centre (shop, eat, have fun), and AMC to name a few.

Looking for work? Go to the Career Development Centre situated in the Library building.

Don’t know about good and economical places to eat? Hot dog vendors(all around campus), McDonald’s(Eaton Centre), AMC food court , Pizza Pizza( near the engineering building), Falafel House(awesome deals) and Ali Baba’s (on Church and Dundas, great shawarmas) are some of the few you’d like to try.

Wanna play sports, work out, or just have a good time challenging friends in your favorite game? Get a membership for Ryerson’s gym (trust me it’s pretty cheap and a ticket to great fun+ good health).

Got any questions, concerns or issues(personal/academic)? Go to your guidance counselors, peer supporters or the Tri-mentoring team (Library POD 54).

As you will soon discover, Ryerson is a warm and welcoming place to make a new beginning of your academic and social life. You won’t have to wait long to fall in love with it!
Alright I am done there, keep these things in mind and have an awesome year ahead!!
Good Luck