Ryerson Engineering Competition 2011

The past Friday saw one of the biggest and the best engineering competitions among universities being held at Ryerson. Called the Ryerson Engineering Competition, it was a two day event with Ā undergraduate students enrolled in all years of Engineering at Ryerson participating in it.

The event comprised of different interesting categories namely Junior Design, Senior Design, Consulting Engineering, Innovative Design, Engineering Communications and Parliamentary Debate. All of the sub categories tested a teamā€™s or an individualā€™s engineering and practical knowledge capabilities, along with communication and presentation skills. More details and pictures of the past events can be found here.

The topics ranged from different engineering real life problems to issues that involved testing an individualā€™s ability to think, reason with and debate. The Junior Design category( students of 1st and 2nd year) were challenged with a problem of designing a mechanism that uses 300 ml of rain water provided to kick a ball lying on the floor. Raw materials like elastic bands, paper, cardboard, nails, strings etc were provided to each team. Innovation and ingenuity could be seen looking at the participating teams as they racked their brains over the problem. No lack of talent there. The challenge for Senior Design category (3rd and 4th year students ) was to invent a mechanism that acts like an elevator, again by using the quantity of water provided. The design building took place on Friday the 21st and the presentation ceremony was held on 22nd.

The winners of this competition were given upto $10,000 in cash rewards and the opportunity to represent Ryerson University at OEC 2011, all expenses paid. The event was made possible with the help and support of RESS, Dean of Engineering and the President at Ryerson University.

This competition had an extremely innovative concept and approach towards getting the engineering students involved in something interesting and valuable like this, which would help them in solving real world problems in the near future.