Ryerson DMZ provides work space, setting for creativity

I’m a bit of a tech nerd. If you look at any of my writing, or my updated-thrice-daily Twitter account, you can tell that quite easily. However, as much as I like writing about tech, I’ve always been interested in the entrepreneur side of things; these startups are created by many young people, just like us, who are looking to change the world, or at least sell out to a larger company for cash. However, since I can’t code in java, my idea for a Tim Horton’s iPhone app will remain in my notebook for now.

However, I had the chance to see the environment of an entrepreneur at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone open house this past Tuesday. Nestled on the fifth floor of 10 Dundas East, the DMZ houses many different startups and provides space and networking for those who wish to use their facilities. Entire walls of the DMZ are dedicated to whiteboard space, where I could see scrawled notes about business plans, as well as elaborate to-do lists. The culture on the floor was one of creativity and productivity; hopefully with the end goal of some marketability as well.

With the DMZ, Ryerson hopes to foster growth in those bold enough to undertake their own business, as well as providing them with the tools they need to succeed once they leave the university. I can say by seeing what’s to offer, it’s money well spent.