Ryerson catches election fever

It’s easy to see it’s election season at Ryerson; it’s hard to turn around without finding a poster on the wall offering us lower fees, cheaper metropasses, and in some cases, free waffles.

Yearly, we students get involved in the democratic process and choose who’ll lead our Ryerson Student’s Union for the next year. Yeah, this seems like a regular going-on at any student institution, but it’s interesting to observe how differently people act around election times.

While there’s healthy room for debate, I’m seeing a lot of apathy out there as well; while I’m not saying I actually -enjoy- hearing another “vote for me” announcement during my paid-for class hours, I can still say I’ll vote. I mean, it’s part of the whole “doing my duty” thing, right?

I’m not about to use this blog as a platform for any one of the teams, because really, that’s not what we’re about, here at Student Life. What I am going to tell you is to vote.

Vote to show the system that we care what’s going on in our university. It might seem tempting to just say “I’ll be gone before anything happens”, but really, if anything else, you should make sure that the future of Ryerson has a better (if not as good) experience as you did.

Stay warm out there, voters. Polling stations can be found in the RCC, the second floor of the library building, the 8th floor of the Ted Rogers School of Management, by room 127 in Kerr Hall East, and on the first floor of the Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre.