Ryerson, Can You Handle This?

Are you ready? The biggest social event of the year IS HERE! Well not just yet, but in 24 hours you’ll be preparing for a night you won’t forget. Now I know I personally haven’t been to a school dance since prom. If any of you are on the same page as I am, don’t fret. I’ve got some quick tips to get you event ready!

Don’t Forget To:

Dress up—This may not be prom, but it’s not a regular school night either. Semi-formal is the dress code. Collared shirts, dresses, clean shoes & jewelry are all encouraged! In other words, dress to impress!

Wear comfortable shoes—Heels are hot. But when you’re on your feet for more than 10 minutes, they’re not that glam. Pop over to Shoppers & invest in a pair of Dr. Scholl’s fold up flats to throw in your purse.

Apply deodorant—Please & thank you. The night will be filled with dancing & we don’t want anyone passing out when you lift your arm up to wave a friend over.

Pack mints—No one likes bad breath. Tonight you’ll be socializing, dancing and maybe getting a bit closer than usual to your peers. Pop some mints in your pockets, or throw a pack of gum in your purse.

Plan a way home—Subways stop running around 1:30am, but make sure to get there a little earlier so you don’t miss it. Taking the taxi route? Add this number to your phone: Beck Taxi – 416 751 5555

Bring your bankcard— If you’re looking to hit up the bar, or cab home, I’d suggest bringing your debit or credit along with cash. It’s always good to have back up just in case.

Tweet—If you’re Twitter obsessed like I am, make sure you’re tweeting @VitalyDesign all night. I hear you have a chance to win great designer jewelry at the ball if ya do so.  Also! The hashtag for the event itself is #BGBall if you wanna include that.

Don’t Forget To Bring:

Your IDs—When have you ever been able to drink at a school event before? 19+ is the legal drinking age; please leave the fakes at home!

Cash—For the drinks you intend to buy that cutie in your morning lecture.

Your Camera—This will be a night you’ll want to share all over social media! If you’re like me, you might even want to have them printed & stored in a photo album. You can show them to your kids one day!

Other Stuff You Should Know:

Location — If you haven’t actually been in The Mattamy Athletic Center before (don’t worry, neither have I) and are clueless about where it is, don’t fret! The address is 50 Carlton St. Pop that into Google maps & you’re good to go! * It is a 5-minute walk from College Station & about 10 minutes from campus.

Doors are at 6:30pm & the show begins at 8pm

Coat check will be offered—Yes it’s spring, but it’s still bloody cold out – especially at night. Don’t hesitate to bring a coat, you won’t have to lug it around all night.

Food will be served—Om nom, food is always a bonus!

Other than that, I think y’all are ready! The Blue & Gold Ball is back & ready to hit Ryerson with a boom. Dress to impress & make sure to dance the night away. I’ll be walking around with a camera & if I love your look you have the chance to be featured in my blog post! I can’t wait to see what you all have on!

I’ll see you & all your lovely smiles tomorrow night, Ryerson!