Ryerson Campus Game: Battle for the Macbook Air!

I can’t believe that I’m only finding about this game today! OOHLALA Campus Games launched the first ever augmented reality game that can only be played over your smartphone. It’s like Hunger Games: the Ryerson Chapter (kinda, but not really…)

Students “battle it out with other students to capture the treasure chest. Find it, Keep it, and Win awesome stuff like the latest Macbook Air, $2000 cash, or your textbooks for the coming semester”. Now do you understand why I’m so upset that I’m only hearing about today! I should have been using my time stretching and strategizing!

But it’s not too late Ryerson, our game day is March 27 – 29 (if you’re smart you will not mark your calendars for this event, let alone have the audacity to show up unless you want to get whopped in the game by this girl. You’ve been warned.)


Download “OOHLALA Mobile” on your iPhone, Android or visit CampusApp.com

Step 1: Locate the virtual treasure chest using the app
Step 2: Once you are within 50 meters of the chest, Take the prize.
Step 3: Run AWAY! Anyone within 50 meters can steal the chest from you.



1. Macbook Air (best model) for the student who has the treasure chest.

2. Free textbooks to the student who holds the chest for the longest duration of the game (value of $500).

Check out the promotional video here: OOHLALA Campus Game  RSVP to the games on the official facebeook event or check out /www.facebook.com/CampusApp for more information!