Ryerson after 6

Ryerson classes usually end at 6 pm on average, and 8 or 9 pm in some extreme cases. While most of us are in a hurry to rush back home, there are a few who choose to linger on and chill or maybe in the mood for some late night study( for people who know they CANNOT study at home) .

Honestly, Ryerson as well as downtown Toronto look way better ( umm maybe insanely amazing is a better word) in the evening/night . My favorite part is the Yonge/ Dundas Square. It is at times so full of energy and positivity that it makes one feel elated. The crowd, the lights, the music everything is just awesome especially during the festive season. At Ryerson, the scene is kind of duller at night because no one is usually roaming around as people do in the day. Mostly students who do stay up till that late are at the Ryerson pub or the library, nerding away. Everything is quieter and more serene at the library (people who want absolute silent study, not to mention with fewer neighbors, take note). You might encounter more than a few rowdy people if you are walking around downtown after say 8-9 pm, especially on weekends but all is good if you have friends with you. During the day all you think you have to do at Ryerson is go to classes and study, at night the atmosphere is more uplifting. Even if you have to study in the library, you can do it better and definitely with more concentration.

Also if you need to get de-stressed after a hard exam, just stay on campus after the test, hang out with friends and relax.

Just keep in mind your curfews to get back home.  Other than that, staying till late should be fun.

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