Ryerson 101: Schedules Decoded

It is your first day of classes. You step on to campus, which still feels like foreign territory. Looking around, you identify several confused students, awkwardly staring into the distance attempting to piece together where they have to be. While entertained and slightly distracted by the sight, you remember that you have class in 5 minutes. You also remember that one hot summer day, where you decided to stay in and browse this website. On this fateful day, you stumbled upon the blog you are reading now, helping you make sense of your schedule. Radiating with confidence, you march to class. The aforementioned students are astonished. You are now the coolest freshman on campus.

The point of the last paragraph? Understanding your schedule is important. Decoding the seemingly random string of letters and numbers can help you identify your class, and it’s location. With this, you can plot out the fastest routes to class while saving precious time that can be spent sleeping. So let’s begin with courses!

For our first example, let’s look at GRA 102.  Through consulting the courses page (click here), we can identify that GRA stands for, and represents a Graphic Communications Management course. From here, we can go to into the directory of GRA courses and identify that 102 represents the Layout and Typography course. You may see a C in front of your course code, or a DAO after your course code. The C stands for Chang School, while the DA0 represents a Distant Education course. Now that you know what class you’re taking, the next step is to determine where that class is!

For our second example, let’s take a look at KHS 102. Through consulting this trusty campus map (click here), we can match up the KHS code and identify that it stands for Kerr Hall South. Now what’s the 102 for you ask? Well that indicates the room number. In this case, you will find room 102, on the first floor (thus the 1, in 102). That is pretty much it for decoding locations for class rooms! You now know both what, and where your classes are. Feel good about it.