Project Spotlight: RUTV’s The Scoop!

The idea of listening to various groups speak for six hours sounds awful – unless you’re talking about practicum pitches, in which case you want it to last forever. Listening to people prepare for the end of their undergraduate year is exciting – are they going to propose a video game? A movie? A website?

That’s what made Tommy Lee and Jackie Wilson’s pitch to do RUTV Live shocking. It was already pretty good, and Ryerson doesn’t need its best and brightest reinventing the wheel. But this year, innovation at RUTV seems to be the theme carrying throughout all programs.

One of the new works to come out of RUTV is The Scoop, a webseries that wouldn’t look out of place partnered with eTalk and other celebrity-focused webseries. In the first few episodes, we’re taken on a tour de force through pop culture highlights of the week and the latest events at Ryerson. I talked with Greg Hanna and Jessica Davies, the execute producer and co-host, and picked their minds as to why Ryerson students should be watching the Scoop instead of any other webseries right now.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.07.29 AM
Co-Host Jessica Davies

What exactly does producing a webseries entail?


When coming up with a plan for the series, we knew the show had to be concise and energetic. This is what sets webseries’ apart. There’s the ability online to browse other content on-demand, meaning we have to be on-point and interesting to capture the audience’s attention.


A lot, a lot of work. It requires an entire team of committed, passionate people that all have the same goal in mind – a successful and innovating show the shines a new light on news. This is probably the most important aspect of production because if there is no support behind an idea, the idea won’t take off.

What is the most interesting part about The Scoop to you?


There’s always been the idea that news has to be cut and dry, that it is always boring. But we question that. As up-and-coming media students, we want to do with something different. Unlike most student-produced content, The Scoop has an entire team behind it. This makes the production of the show a team effort. Viewers will also notice we’ve paid close attention to the overall look and feel of the show.


The most interesting part about The Scoop is the diverse group of students behind the project. Everyone brings a different set of skills, their creativity and new knowledge, making our show very versatile.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.07.06 AM
Co-Host Cole Deakin


Why do you think Ryerson students will watch it?


Students will enjoy The Scoop, and all of our content for that matter, because it’s told through the lens of fellow students. Sure, one could tune into ET Canada to find out the latest e-news, but how about getting that news from a young, energetic and local show?


Ryerson students will watch it because it’s unlike anything it’s ever produced before. We’re aiming to prove that news can be fun, exciting and not as boring as everyone thinks it is. It’s already had such positive reviews – it’s only going up from here!

What separates The Scoop from similar webseries?


The energy is what sets this webseries apart. The entire team behind the show is dedicated and talented. Our hosts are nothing short of fabulous and they will only continue to grow to cater to the wants of fellow students. Secondly, The Scoop is different in that one of our main goals is to connect with students to find out what they think and what they want.


Definitely the personality that both Cole and I bring, as well as our amazing team that works tirelessly behind the scenes. The production value is unlike anything Ryerson is currently putting out, and we’re all proud to be a part of the new change.

Catch the latest episodes of The Scoop at and support your local Ryerson media talent!