#RUScared2014 Halloween Costume Contest WINNERS!

The verdict is in! All the submissions were spooky and creative, thanks for participating! The RU Student Life team voted and here are the WINNERS of this year’s Halloween Costume Contest! Be sure to check the full photo album here.

Best Overall

diy creative

FIRST PLACE: CONGRATULATIONS TO Lana Socha for our BEST OVERALL Costume from #RUScared2014! Her DIY Mystique not only has mad creative skills but also looks amazing. Well done, Lana!

2nd Place: Jamie and Jacqueline as The Grady Twins – thank you for reminding us how terrifying The Shining is.

Best Couple

best couple

FIRST PLACE: CONGRATS to the marionette couple Tara Saldutto and Steven de Boyrie!! 

2nd Place: Dennis Soler & Hannah Clarke’s Fred & Wilma Flinstone, costumes made by Hannah 🙂

Best Group

best group

FIRST PLACE: Congrats to the Super Mario Bros. group (submitted by Shikhar Sandal)

2nd Place: Toy Soldiers from Toy Story (submitted by Kevin Koufis)



FIRST PLACE: Congrats to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (aka Dakota Wotton and Dawsyn Borland) for their Spongebob Squarepants costumes!

2nd Place: James Vong’s Maddie Zeigler from Sia’s Chandelier



FIRST PLACE: Congrats to Megan Cinel’s epic Venom from Spiderman facepaint!

2nd Place: Creeeeepy skeletons submitted by @kimmyfiona

Most Creative (DIY)


FIRST PLACE: Congrats to Nella Brodett’s DIY shark-eaten-snorkler costume!

2nd Place: Red Riding Werewolf by Meaghan Hutchison


Good effort and pretty funny but maybe try a little harder next year, Carlo 😉

worst lol



Congrats to all our winners and thank you to EVERYONE for sharing your #RUScared2014 photos!

Winners, please contact us at @RUStudentLife or email rustudentlife@gmail.com for info on how to pickup your prizes 🙂 FIRST and SECOND place winners get prizes!!