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#RUInsta Rooftop Meetup

Our Instagram community is buzzing with life and we’re hosting a Rooftop Meetup so that you can capture some of the best sights that Ryerson has to offer. Budding photographers, Instagram-enthusiasts, and campus explorers, we’re calling you! Register to attend our #RUInsta Rooftop Meetup on Friday, October 3rd from 2-4pm.

What you get: Access to campus rooftops you can’t get any other day (we’ve got the hookups). Ah, the city sights!

Why you need to come: Practice your awe-inspiring skills PLUS your photos will be featured in a Facebook album and shared through our channels (so many likes and followers to be gained). Also, meet new, fellow photography enthusiasts (Ramily!)! Finally, we make no promises, but there may or may not be ice cream involved at the end of the rooftop explorations.

Register below and get chatting with your peers using #RUInsta, limited space available.

Sorry, but we are full! Stay tuned for our next meetup though, and thanks for showing interest!

This event is rain or shine. This event is regrettably non-accessible.

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