RU Stylish? Project Spotlight on RU Street Style

courtesy of RU Street Style
Courtesy of RU Street Style

Ryerson is one of the most fashion-forward schools there is. We’re a mile from the Fashion District of Canada, some of our (current) students have had their clothes featured on international television, and we have two fashion programs. Two! That’s┬átwice as many as any other university combined.

Naturally, this flair for high fashion has trickled down to the filthy casuals on Ryerson campus. RU Street Style, a relatively new (in that I can only click “load more” on their Instagram page a couple times) project created by a few Ryerson students who are interested in highlighting the natural beauty that inhabits┬áour campus.

Who are the masterminds behind this project? What program/year are you in?

RU Street Style started out as a social media campaign project for our Professional Communications in New Media class last semester [Their Twitter is available here, and you can follow their Instagram┬áhere]┬á. It started as a larger group but after our project obligations were completed, three of us continued on the campaign because of our passion for it’s success. Those of us that are continuing the campaign are Lauren Hildebrand (3rd year Fashion Communications), Jennifer Spiteri┬á(4th year English), Nalani Pratas (3rd year Retail Management).

What inspired you?

Because Ryerson is a commuter school and is so well known for it’s creativity, we were inspired to develop an outlet where students could draw fashion inspiration from classmates and share their own style stories creating a sense of community.

Do you ever have people say “no” or respond negatively? If so, how do you deal with that?

We have only been turned down a couple times mostly because the student was running late for class. In general most students are flattered that we ask to photograph them and admire their style.

Do you hope for this to continue post-grad? If so, how do you plan on passing the torch?

We are just taking the campaign one day at a time right now. We haven’t discussed continuing it on post-graduation yet but I think it will just depend on it’s success in this first year – it is still very new (only 2 months old).┬á

What would you say the style for the average Ryerson student is? Do you see any trends coming or leaving?

In general most Ryerson students identify their style as “modern chic” or “casual chic” and trends┬átend to change with┬áthe seasons. When we started the campaign in the fall we saw a lot of interesting layering with scarves and knit sweaters and now┬ásince winter has settled in we see lots of cool fur and cashmere accessories.
Courtesy of RU Street Style
Courtesy of RU Street Style 

A fairly large portion of the campus (myself DEFINITELY included) have no idea how to dress stylishly. Do you have any tips for these unlucky people?

For all of those that feel like they struggle when it comes to putting together a fashionable outfit in the morning, just take a look at our page on FB, Insta, WordPress or Twitter! You will be sure to find lots of cool and trendy outfit inspirations.

You have a blog, and the content is identical to what’s shared on your Facebook page. Do you plan on doing something bigger with it? If so, what?

Some students who are featured on RU Street Style do not have Facebook so we have been copying the content to the blog to make sure they don’t miss out. In the future, we plan to continue featuring style stories and interviews with Ryerson students and grads.

If pretty people wearing pretty clothing is something you’d like to have more of in your life, make sure to keep up with RU Street Style! Their Facebook is available here, their WordPress here, and you can always follow them on Instagram and Twitter @RUStreetStyle!

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Featured image credit: RU Street Style