RU healthy?

They say that health is the greatest wealth. And in these days of fast paced lifestyles, modern technology (limiting outdoor activities), eating out regularly, lack of sleep and heavy doses of stress, anyone who makes efforts to stay healthy, is indeed doing a commendable job . I am not writing this blog to talk on the age old topic of benefits of eating healthy exercising daily and blah blah, but to highlight the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week from Feb 6-12.

The age group of 15-24 to which many of us belong, is the one most affected by the general notions of looking good- size zero, starving body frames and six packs. Research shows that 30% of girls and 25% of boys in the age group of 15-19 have confessed to being teased about their weight at school, and also at home by family members. That is the start of teens refusing to eat, starving themselves and following crazy diets just to “fit-in” more effectively. Also, there is no denying the fact that such issues of extreme weight control and binge eating affect girls more than boys. Studies have established the fact that adolescent girls who diet are at a shocking 324% greater risk for obesity than those who don’t diet.

That’s enough information to realize how unfair it is to criticize kids for being obese and how dangerous it is for young people to live with serious eating disorders. In recognition of the National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Ryerson’s Health Promotion team is hosting a series of free events. Titled “Your Body Rocks!”, the events comprise of a talk by an eminent professor, healthy cooking lessons and an interactive event. Check here for more details.

Another interesting link I stumbled upon- , a free web based program for smokers and ex smokers and basically for people who want to stay healthy. I must say its quite innovative and a nice initiative taken by young people for the benefit of others going through the same issues.