RU Being Overheard?

Sitting on the fourth floor of the library, attempting to look like/be a dedicated student I found myself easily distracted by the conversation between a group of guys at the table next to me.


“When I don’t know what to say I just send girls a smiley face or type ‘lol'”

“Yeah, I over use the wink face”

“I sent that chick a semi-colon and a closed bracket. Chicks love semi-colons and closed brackets”

Share some of the ridiculous conversations that you’ve overheard on campus at Overheard at RU (Ryerson University), also you may want to look out from some of your own quotes.


One of my favourites…

“A- I’m lactose intolerant.

B- Does that mean you are afraid of cows?
A- ….”

What are some of the dumbest things you’ve heard on campus?