Commuter Survival Guide: Routines to Practice

Alright, so we’ve spoken about mobile apps to download, online assistants to check out and even TTC Commandments (the latter was my 2cents for free) for commuters gain the most of their school years, with the least amount of stress and travel time.

Despite all of our technological advances, there are still 4 surefire tactics for staying up to date in class even on days when you’re held up in traffic and can’t avoid showing up late. Here are a few routines to practice when commuting:


1. Sleep on the Train/Bus/Streetcar

Although most people try to avoid falling asleep while on public transportation out of fear of feeling even more tired once you wake up or… waking up with a foreign object in your mouth (perhaps that’s just an irrational fear of mine. You’d be surprised, some weird crap goes down on the TTC). Studies actually shows that 15 – 20 minute power naps can actually make you “more alert reduce, stress and improve cognitive functioning [meaning] more patience, less stress, better reaction time, increased learning, more efficiency and better health.”


2. Make Friends with the Person Beside You

I’ve realized that many university students have become accustomed to being anti-social in lecture halls. Just shut up and take notes. Well I’m here to let you know that the annoying kiss-ass in the front row who won’t allow your prof to complete two -sentences without throwing her hand into the air, is your ticket to passing that early morning class you can’t wake up early enough to get to. Think about it, they’re the ones taking vigorous notes of every single word that comes out of the prof’s mouth, and sitting in the front row every single week. You want to be on their team come midterms and final exam study groups.

Tip: be kind. Smile. Try (as hard as it may be) not to sigh or suck your teeth every ime they raise their hand and maybe even offer to grab some Timmy’s with them during the break. I’m not saying use the person, that’s just mean. I’m saying make the right connections.


3. Get Chummy with the Prof

I know, I know – nobody wants to be a kiss ass. We’d like to think that we all got into Ryerson and have made it this far because of hard work and dedication… but how blissfuly ignorant would that be. A large part of making it in any part of life is who you know and having connections in high places. Get to know your professors. Understand their expectations and preferences. You’re more likely to get a little bit of leeway on a late assignment or better yet a reference letter from a prof that knows you by first name.


What are some of your commuter survival tips?