#RoadFromRyerson: Your Final Stretch

So, you finished your final classes, handed in your final paper. How does it feel?

I’m not quite done yet (Fall Convocation wadddduup?), but it feels weird knowing that I won’t be a part of student life anymore. I won’t be returning in September for frosh or a new semester, and it’s going to take sometime for me to get used to that. – Anuja Jeeva, Sociology

I FEEL LIKE A BRAND NEW CHICK (cue the anjulie song). The freedom of not having to deal with labs, reports, tests, exams is a feeling that cannot be emphasized enough. No more late night study sessions, no more crying to your friends, no more anxiety, no more binge eating junk food (well… maybe…). Unfortunately reality has set in for me.. WHAT NEXT? The feeling of being lost has officially sunk in. Fortunately for myself I am pursuing an additional 2 years of schooling at UOIT for a BED in teachers college (rival school I know.. Sorry.. but not sorry…) Although I have a clear path for the upcoming future, there still exists a sense of worry for myself? Will I land a job? How will I pay off my student debt? How will I fulfil my Oakham cafe cravings? We as graduating students are dealing with massive changes. These overwhelming feelings are ones that I will be dealing with for a little while, but I know they will go away because I’m thankful enough to have a strong support system with my friends and family. I WILL FOREVER BE A RAM. –Ā Dimitiz Rahimi,Ā Environment and Urban Sustainability

Friday 29, April 2016 9a.m – My last exam as an undergrad. I studied hard coz I had to ensure I was smiling when I finally dropped the pen (coz I’m extra lol). 10:15 a.m – I walked out and stood in front of the SLC. There’s just something about standing and looking towards the SLC, a feeling of awe. I felt it. I looked around thinking “it’s time to take over the world”. It was exciting, I felt awesome and ready.
– okiemute akposheri, Global management studies

Starbucks. And packing, because I’m moving out of downtown! And sleep. Are those feelings? Not really. I’m feeling a great sense of relief (because it was touch and go about statistics for a little bit), & a wee little bit of pride, because university is hard!!! And everything comes in waves of nostalgia, because for five years, this place was everything to me, and picturing a road from here just fills me up with all kinds of indescribable feels. It will be nice to have a break from essays and finals for a bit!
– Hannah Van Dyk, Arts and Contemporary Studies

I was expecting to feel excited and extremely happy after finishing my last exam. But I felt just normal. Not sad or happy just like another day. Maybe because I knew I would be back in front of laptop 24/7 applying for jobs.
– Anonymous

Taking a nice long break! It’s well needed after a crazy fashion thesis collection. Luckily, I also scored a design positions at one of my favorite brands between my last exam and convocation. Job hunting, done!
– Bonnie Yang, Fashion Design

It’s actually a strange feeling. Really. The days leading up to this moment you were so excited! You couldn’t wait! Then the moment is here and although initially there is a huge feeling of relief you can’t help but go into a state of confusion. “Wait, so I’m done? This is it? It’s not really over, is it? Come on, where did the last 4 years go!? Huh, it doesn’t really feel so ‘yaaaay’ as I thought it would. More like ‘meh, okay'”. Although some of my friends felt otherwise, strangely enough I felt this way. I went into the stage of “huh, so now what”. So you basically end up spending the next few weeks catching up on missed episodes of (insert tv show name here) and once in a while you consider filling out a job application and tweeking your resume. There’s just a lot of being too lazy to start Adult-ing.
– Kochi Wahedi, Nursing

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