#RoadFromRyerson: Share Your Story

From the last class, to the final paper, to the next steps and everything in between: what’s it really like to graduate from Ryerson in 2016? Through a series of weekly questions and answers, share your #RoadFromRyerson with your fellow grads and grads to be.

Why will you share your story?

I want to share my story because it’s a great way to find closure to my university years. Also, because let’s be honest, rustudentlife is the best platform to express yourself a a Ryerson student. – José Rosales

I think this would be a fun way to showcase what I’ve done in the past four years at Ryerson. I have been very active during my time at Ryerson, and I would love to share my experiences, any advice and interact with other soon-to-be-alumni, as well as any prospective students who are curious about student life at Ryerson and how to make their mark. – Anuja Jeeva

I want to share my story because I’d like to give students an honest opinion of what it’s like at the end of the line but also remind them that it’ll all be okay -as something I am learning. I’m hoping to make it funny as there isn’t a better way to reduce anxiety except through laughter. – Urooj Siddiquu

Ryerson has been my home away from home for the last five years, & the thought of moving on & growing up leaves a very bittersweet taste in my mouth these days. So to be able to share my graduation story – in its nitty gritty, numerous trips to the dentist, don’t make a lot of money, am spending my mornings ugly crying about Gilmore Girls form – feels like a really exciting way to stay connected with a place I have grown to love very deeply. – Hannah Van Dyk, Arts and Contemporary Studies

Because every story is unique and has something to offer. – Salih Judieh, Civil Engineering

I hope it might help some other first year student figure things out easier, cause let’s face it, getting here wasn’t easy. – Nicholas Couffin, Mechanical Engineering

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