#RoadFromRyerson: Describe Your Graduation Experience

We want to know what Convocation really felt like for you. Describe your graduation experience using any of the five senses. Choose the ones that mean something to you and tell us what it all meant. Hannah and Bonnie share theirs.

PC: Bonnie Yang

SIGHT/PERCEPTION: What was Convocation like, from your perspective?

There was a sea of blue, with hints of gold. There were lots of flags, the flags of Canada (& I thought I should really step up and do some memorizing of other provinces flags.) There were lots of hats, but not on graduates. Did I mention the sea of blue?!??!?!
– Hannah Van Dyk, Arts and Contemporary Studies

Busy! So many familiar faces that I haven’t seen for the past couple of months is so nice to come to and catch up with.
– Bonnie Yang, Nursing

SOUNDS/VIBES: What did Convocation sound/vibe like?

Bagpipes. Excited chatter. Giggles. “Loud, exuberant, exclamations of joy.” Background noise that you can’t really hear or focus in on or decipher because you’re so focused on another moment. Exhales. Lots of exhales. Thanks. Lots of thanks.
– Hannah

Happy! Lots of cheers and sounds of happy parents and friends.
– Bonnie

FEELS: What did Convocation feel like?

Pic by Brian So
Pic by Brian So

It is weird to work for five years for a 45 second walk across a stage (& mine was probably 45 seconds because I tried to take a selfie) & a piece of paper, but shoot, the feeling of finally collecting that degree, of knowing that you worked your butt off for that 45 seconds and those two letters behind your name, of knowing that this place is somewhere you loved with your whole heart and found some of your best friends, of knowing that no matter where the journey takes you, you found home here for five years – it is enough to make your entire body shake with nerves and excitement after you cross the stage. I don’t even think I have words to explain the excitement, nervousness (I was still holding my breath, thinking that something was going to go wrong & I wouldn’t be able to graduate), relief, gratitude, and just PURE JOY I experienced that day. It was a beyond swell, beyond perfect day.
– Hannah

– Bonnie

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