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Hello again!

Only 22 days until move-in day! This summer is just flying by way too fast! I feel like everything is starting to ramp up in preparation for the fall, and it’s making me anxious and excited and nervous all at the same time! I have been starting to think about what I need to pack, my schedule, and how to say goodbye to all the great friends I’m leaving behind.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 3.10.29 PMFirst and foremost, definitely the most exciting news I’ve heard in a while: The frosh theme for RTA is Survivor! I may have squealed a little bit when I first saw that. If you read my first introductory blog, you’d know that I am in love with Survivor. I feel like it’s a sign from the universe that I chose the right university and the right program. Anyways, I’m definitely feeling really good about that, and I’m excited to see what it’s all about.

In an attempt to calm some of the nerves I’m currently experiencing every time I think about university, I decided to take a “Road Trip To Ryerson” (ha) a couple days ago, just to check out the campus and downtown area! The last time I was on campus was back in March for my RTA interview, but I was way too nervous about that to really take it all in. Walking around downtown, looking at it as my home for the next four years, actually felt different. Toronto really reminds me of Calgary in a lot of ways, but it’s almost like Calgary plus. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone there lives on a farm, and there are actual buildings! I walked a couple laps around the campus, joined a tour, paid a visit to the bookstore, and tried to memorize where all the important buildings are. I’m definitely going to get lost anyways, but at least I know where I’m living (Pitman Hall).

Speaking of residence, I just got the email containing information about move in day, and I’m actually feeling okay about it! I applied for my OneCard, and I’ve narrowed down my choices for electives. Is course enrollment super confusing for anyone else or is that just me? I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m grateful for all the helpful people in the facebook group pointing lost souls in the right direction. At first, I thought that getting up early on August 11th would not be fun, until I realized that I would probably still be up at 6am anyways on my current sleep schedule!

Anyways, That’s about all I’ve been up to lately! Dealing with all of this stuff makes it feel so real and I’m really looking forward to September.

Until Next Time,

Zach Tng

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