ROAD TO RYERSON: Coming to Ryerson this Fall? Share your story!

Road to Ryerson

We want you to tell your story!



We’re looking for 5 students to share their ‘Road to Ryerson’ in a series of blog posts on RU Student Life. Preparing and transitioning to university is one of the bigger life moments. We want to see what this transition looks like for you.

Maybe you’re moving here from across the world, commuting from Mississauga or have lived in Toronto all your life. Maybe you were valedictorian, or never really liked school. Maybe you’re 17, maybe you’re 37. Are you an engineering student? Politics? New Media? It doesn’t matter. We all have a story. We want to hear yours.


celebration_highrezWe’d like a minimum of 1 blog post per week including at least 2  multimedia components including, but not limited to:

  • Text
  • Video (V-Logs, Instagram video, YouTube, Vine, etc.)
  • Pictures (Instagram pics, DSLR, etc)
  • Social (Tweets, Facebook Posts, etc.)
  • Audio (Music, Clips, etc)

If events happen in your student life that you wish to share, we’d love you to update in real time as well.


QuadOne of the qualities that makes Ryerson special is the diversity in people we attract here. Everyone has their own unique story and perspective. We all get here different ways, but the important thing is that we all get here. We want to give 5 different incoming students the chance to tell those stories of getting here and going through the same transition so many other students are at the same time.

What Next?

If you think you’d be interested in being one of these students, send us a 30s video telling us why you’re excited to come to Ryerson. That’s it!

We don’t mind how:

  • If you can fit it under 10s, you can tag us in an Instagram video @RUStudentLife and hashtag #RoadToRyerson

[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#3B90FF” size=”50px”]Submissions Due: JULY 18 3PM[/dropcap]