Red nosing on Gould

Clowns jumped, danced and laughed their way onto Lake Devo last Wednesday.

Theatre students set up stage in the middle of Lake Devo and entertained the crowd with performances. Skits ranged from a Destiny’s Child infused love triangle to tricks involving the audience, all in the name of some good ol’ fun.

Theatre students can do clowning workshops as part of their program, creating individual clown personalities as they improvise on stage. I once did a story on it for The Ryersonian and to this day, I still remember what one of the actors told me about being a clown. She said that, when in a clown state, everything becomes exaggerated in each moment, and then the moment changes and you have to go with it. That’s what was on stage on Wednesday. Students having fun in the moment.

This is why I love Ryerson. We actually engage students in their programs. You’re in the theatre program? Go out and do some street performances. In journalism? Take this camera and shoot some video. In entrepreneurship? Let’s give you money to start your company. We’re known for being a hands-on school, and boy, do we deliver.

Learning outside the classroom can be just as important as what you learn within it. It’s important to go out there and do what you’re going to school for.

See video of the clowns here.