RAVEN LAM | The Week Through My 5 Senses

It feels very strange not to be doing a video. This week has been jam packed filled with my last shifts at work, collecting things for my new apartment, and sleeping out of nervousness of moving to the city. All of this has resulted in a lack of time to make a super cool video. Instead, text and photos will have to suffice.

This is my weekly feels, through the five senses.

SIGHT – What I’ve Been Seeing

This week has been insanely busy. As you can imagine my eyes have seen millions of things through this week, as they do with every other. What I have really been trying to focus on is collecting things for my apartment. I realized just the other day that I was moving away from home, from the suburbs, and to a huge city by myself. This caused me to panic, and run to the thrift store in an epic search of things I will need for the next year. So far the search has been more of a scramble, but I think I have the things I need to, hopefully, get me through for at least a little while.


SOUND – What I’ve Been Listening To

Recently I have discovered a band called The Growlers. When I first listened to them I thought they were a band from the late 60’s. After a bit of research I found out they were a modern band that has just found a love for an older sound. The band is known for using a mix of voice effects, and combining the sound of rock from late ’60’s, with new wave effects and reverb, creating a genre called ‘Beach Goth’. I am pleased to say they are coming to Toronto’s very own Lee’s Place on the 12th of September and I will be in the audience with a huge grin on my face. Listen here! 

TOUCH – What I’ve Been Making

While on a walk by lake the other day, I was sitting and noticed a piece of sea glass at my feet. When I saw it I began to think about how many things I would see and notice on a daily basis if I looked for them. This for some reason struck a cord in me, and also made me make the decision to start collecting things… everything. I sped to Staples, purchased a label maker, sped to the dollar store, and the thrift store, and cleared their shelves of mason jars to begin my collection of everything. So far I have a couple of things, sea glass, things I found on the beach, buttons, and bottle caps. As the year goes on I will slowly add more labels to more and more mason jars of all the little things I find around me that I otherwise would have walked right by.


TASTE – What I’ve Been Eating

Yesterday, I raided the fridge to find something (anything) to fill this void I had in my stomach. Upon finding nothing that wouldn’t require any effort, I checked the cupboards. The first things I spotted was a box of “healthy” cereal my mother has been raving about called Morning Crisp. I didn’t understand how someone could rave about something that was supposed to be really good for you. I have never been one for “healthy” eating, though I would really love to be. My want to eat healthier forced me to grab and try the cereal. Best decision I have made in a while. Not only is this cereal is good in milk; it’s amazing on yogurt, with trail mix, or straight from the box. I am for sure asking for enough boxes to last me through the year.


SMELL – What I’ve Been.. Smelling.. ?

I smell change in the air, and a lot of it. I am insanely nervous, and crazy excited. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you.

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