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After switching the idea of my video five times, going back to the same idea three times, and making two different videos before this one, I finally have figured out how I am going to do these videos ever week.

In my head I had to think back to before I even applied to blog for Road to Ryerson. I had to think about the exact reason of why I wanted to apply in the first place.

The answer? To show my perspective through video, as boring and ordinary as it may be in hopes someone realizes that there are other boring ordinary people out there too.

Though sometimes I think things are moving too slowly, or too fast, or that my life isn’t at “cool” as most peoples – interesting, extraordinary, ordinary things happen ever minute. I ultimately want to share a feeling with all of you. So what better way to share a feeling then to go through the five senses.

Ever week I am going to be submitting a short weekly update of all things leading up to my first day at Ryerson through sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

I apologize in advance there are no explosions, rap battles, or sharknados.
This is not my attempt to keep you watching.
This is not my attempt to make my life seem more interesting than it is.
This is my attempt to share a sliver of my existence with you.
As boring as it may be.
It’s all I have.

Thank you.

Part 1: Who is Raven?

Part 3: The Week Through My 5 Senses

Part 4: My Orientation Experience

Part 5: First Week & Last Blog

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