RAVEN LAM | My Orientation Experience

The first day of school is tomorrow and I have felt on a constant verge of crying, dancing, and throwing up for the past 24 hours.

I am currently sitting in my completely unpacked, unexplored, new bedroom and feel like I have just moved to a foreign country despite knowing I am less than an hour away from my hometown.

As you have probably concluded, this post will be more subpar writing and pictures due to a lack of time to make a super, rad, killer video.

This is my weekly feels, through the five senses (and pictures all taken on my LG G3, ouu ahh!)

SIGHT – What I’ve Been Seeing

This week has been equally, if not more busy then last week. The amount of new faces, places, and things I have seen is unbelievable. Throughout most of the week I did find myself at Ryerson’s wonderful orientation. Being a slightly anti-social wreck, I was quite nervous to throw myself into a formal classroom setting for one of the first times in over a year. Before even leaving my house I received text messages from my loving Road to Ryerson co-bloggers asking to meet up and hang out. Instantly I felt more welcomed, and excited to actually see some familiar faces. Orientation was amazing, from seeing a magician to getting free pizza, and from running around, to just hanging out in new friends’ dorm rooms. I really did love it all and am very excited to finally be done travelling down my Road to Ryerson, and finally just be here.

Sunita, Enna, Nolan and I

SOUND – What I’ve Been Listening To

This week I actually had the pleasure of seeing Arcade Fire live. So of course, in preparation for the concert I have been listening to a lot of Arcade fire. Though their more recent album “Reflektor” was amazing and filled with messages about the technological age, my obsession with Arcade fire bloomed with the album “The Suburbs”. Living in a small town, which is literally only packed with town houses, and families I really felt like I could related to the laid back sound of the entire album. If you haven’t listened to Arcade Fire, please do. They are an amazing band and if you take the time to really look into their lyrics, it might just change your life.


TOUCH – What I Have Been Making

As I mentioned earlier, I have just moved into my new place. Therefore, unfortunately, I have not been creating as many things as I would like to. My cousins and I made a pact at the beginning of August that every month we would create a music video. As bad as it may be we would keep creating things in order to better ourselves. As per usually our lives got busy, stressful and time flew by at an unimaginable rate. We, of course, waited until the last minute to start anything. This resulted in us running around today filming a couple doing average things and now I must edit the footage into something we can look at and say “well at least we did it”. Moral of the story: procrastination is bad, but creating is good, as terrible as it may be; keep creating.


TASTE – What I Have Been Eating

Being a student, moving out on my own has been, well, interesting. The food choices I have made have been very interesting as well. A lot of Mr. Noodle, Kraft Dinner, and raw fruits, but tomorrow is my birthday which means a paid for dinner courtesy of my friend Kevin. We decided to go to Baton Rouge, a place I have never been before due to hearing about its ”more than affordable to a broke student” prices. I really do believe I shouldn’t have eaten something I knew would taste so good (and it really was amazing). I regret shoving my face with delicious food that I will not be able to eat or afford for the next year. Guess I’ll have to wait for my birthday next year.

photo (3)

SMELL – What I Have Been Smelling

This apartment smells like a combination of air freshener, rain, and bananas. I’m not sure if I like it, or if am fearful of finding a rotten banana somewhere. I’ll keep you posted.



Thank you.

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