PSA: The Ryerson Food room, and why you should use it

Like many other services on the Ryerson campus, I find that the Ryerson Food Room is very under-utilized.

I started using the Ryerson food room in second year, when I moved out of residence and groceries became a bit more of a priority. Every week, you’re allotted ten “points,” and can spend them on different food items. Certain items, like large canned soups and chilis, are worth one “point,” while others, like small Campbell’s vegetable soups, are five-for-one. This is a tremendous deal, as you’ll be spending a buck or more in supermarkets per can, depending where you go.

The food room also has a number of other items, and accomodates vegetarians and those with dependents; I find it’s great to supplement groceries you might already be buying, or if your paycheck has been eaten up elsewhere. Of course, if you’re in financial need, this decision should be obvious.

It’s there. You pay union dues for it. You should use it. You can find it on the second floor of the RCC.

If you have spare time, you should also volunteer. Give your time to a worthy cause, and help your fellow students worry about something else than where their next meal is going to come from.