PSA: Get Facebook Chat on your desktop with Facebook Messenger

When I was growing up, a lot of my time was spent on a burgeoning program called MSN Messenger. As 2012 rolls around, however, I haven’t used the program in more than two years — this is in part because Facebook released their own chat function in 2008. However, in order to see this chat, you had to be logged into Facebook and on the site, which opened the user up to a slew of distractions. Well, now there’s an alternative. This past week, Faebook released a standalone Messenger client for Windows and Mac, allowing users to log in with their credentials and have access to both their content stream and chat from one window. Besides allowing users to chat with their friends, it also will serve pop ups when you get a notification: for people like me who prefer to spend as little time on the site as possible, the advantages are clear. No longer will you have to instinctively open the tab to check for people online. No longer will you have to rely on your phone for notifications. Instead, you can get a streamlined Facebook experience from your desktop, saving you a lot of time and hopefully a lot of distraction. Facebook Messenger is a free download.