People Watching @ The Gym

It is officially the New Year. January is settling in as 2013 has it’s 15 minutes, in a ball gown down the red carpet. People have stopped saying Happy New Year! & resorted to asking: what’s your new years resolution? 10 out of every 5 people (self-created fact) say: I want to lose weight! I want to start going to the gym more! Or something along those lines—I know you’ve all heard it before!

Okay, I’ve never been crazy fit and would enjoy eating & watching TV over exercise any day of the week, but my parents always believed in fitness. They think that staying active is super important to stay healthy. And as a result I’ve taken everything from ballet to hip hop, played on soccer and basketball teams, joined cheerleading in middle school & had the most fun on the rugby team in high school.

Along with all that, from a young age, I was always at the gym. No, I wasn’t a child weight lifter or anything; instead I was the kid that somehow discovered the gym babysitter? What the heck is that? Well, there was a room in the basement of the gym—sketchy I know, filled with toys and stuff & kids go there while their parents work out. No, we didn’t just sit there playing with toys, there’s a legit baby sitter and everything. I didn’t realize how random this was until…well until I started writing this! Anyways, my parents aren’t vein popping weight lifting champs either, but my mum is a fitness instructor/yogi & since a very young age, the gym was just another place I often went.

When I turned 12, we lied to the gym owner saying I was 16 (don’t know how he bought that) and I became a member at the gym! Over the years, along with my mum I attended various classes. From kickboxing to yoga to step class and spinning. The gym was literally like the diner down the road where everyone knows your name. Instead of having a regular drink order, I had a regular class where all the participants knew me & to a pre-teen/awkward teenager, this was pretty damn exciting! I’ve seen teachers come and go, met all of the interesting gym regulars, seen far too much in the change rooms, watched tons of renovations, met new owners and all.

Any-who, since it’s the New Year tons of people have made a re-connection with this fascinating place called the gym. It’s the start of the year, the treadmills are full and the 10-pound weights are always taken in the woman’s weight room! People are filling in to fulfill their new years resolutions & it is the perfect time to people watch. Here are the people that I often see:

By The Machines

The Runners
Personally, I don’t run marathons and I always hated suicides drills at soccer practice. But these people…they look like running will save their lives! Their feet are moving so fast that a person might experience a seizure if they watch for too long.  They pound the treadmill and you worry that they might fall and smash their face. When you sneak a peek at their speed, your normal 5 seems like a warm up. They’re so intense that you don’t know if they’re extremely fit or simply nuts.

The Clients
These are the people that have paid a personal trainer to teach them how to work out. However, I can never decide if they actually get a good work out—because whenever I see them setting up, on an elliptical, treadmill or bike, they seem to be having a conversation rather than actually working out! It’s like they’ve paid for a good chat instead of a good sweat.

The Outfits
Whether their head to toe in lululemon, rocking those toe-shoes, or seem like they accidentally put on their children’s clothes—you always see interesting outfits at the gym. Some people think they need to work out in all name brands. Others think that showing off as much of their body as possible is so damn hot (it isn’t . And some just simply have on the weirdest outfits. You don’t get if they were dared to wear them, or really thought it looked good—It will forever be a mystery.

The Sweaters
They’ve been on the Stairmaster for two minutes and they already have sweat puddles everywhere there can be one. If you’re in this section, that’s fine—but please invest in some deodorant, a towel and a black shirt! Thank you.

The Friends
Going to the gym with someone is really motivating, cause it helps you do something you may not have done on your own…OR it can entirely distract you! For the past two years there have been these two women I see all the time. But I’ve honestly never seen them work out. They sit on the inner thigh machine, lean against the mirror and I swear to you, catch up on life! I don’t know why they didn’t just hit up a Starbucks instead.

Near The Weights

By The Grunters
These are the people that while lifting ungodly amounts, turn red in the face, squint their eyes and just look extremely uncomfortable. As they finish a rep, veins popping, they grunt, or sometimes even scream on occasion, worrying the people around them—since it sounds like their face is being torn off.

The Magazine Readers
These are the people that have likely ripped out a page from Shape Magazine & are following their weight guide step-by-step. They usually look really awkward, need to be near a mirror and do things that no one thinks of off the top of their head.

The One Pounders
The people that literally lift with one pounds weights. I honestly don’t get what this does. I personally am not at all strong, and do not lift anything criminally heavy, but one pound? Why don’t you just hold your cell phone in one hand and your iPod in the other?

In Classes

The Fit Hottie
This person can work out for 3 hours straight, but you won’t ever be able to tell. Their hair might be a tad sweaty, their faces slightly red—but they still look stunningly gorgeous regardless. They kind of remind me of that photogenic runner that made headlines not too long ago.

The Intense Individual
If you’ve ever taken a class you know that the instructors give options to the moves they’re doing. There’s usually the normal move & another easier move for beginners or injured participants. The intense individuals however, will make their own option—that is way over the top, an looks as if they’ve drank five redbulls. They’ll high jump when you have to step and run when you have to walk. They’ll make the normal person, who is capable of doing the regular move, feel as if they’re in slow motion.

The Happy Male
Whenever I’ve done a class, there’s often a majority of women in the room. On occasion there is a man, or a few men. And there are definitely the men that truly want to work out. However, I’m convinced that there are men that come to a women-filled exercise class to be surrounded by women. The other day I took a class & at one point the instructor had us run into the middle of the room (sounds weird out of context). I swear to you, the man was running in slow motion, happiest person alive because 30 women were running towards him. It was funny to watch & convinced me he may have only been there to observe. Not cool bro.

The Yoga Instructor
There’s something about yoga instructors that I just can’t put into words—They’re a special breed. They take breathing VERY seriously, absolutely despise loud ringtones & speak as if they’re in a trance. I don’t doubt that they’re good people, but when the lights go off and the Sigur Ros type music begins, nothing can stop stop them from becoming a downward dog loving, chaturanga doing, calm creature. They look intensely into your eyes, and see so deeply into your soul—they might even see big mac you had for lunch. Namaste.

Even after all these, I can go on and on and on & I’m sure you can too! We’ve seen the people that try to pick you up, the people that work so hard their hair might fall out, the elderly community that love to have a chat & even more. So let us know in the comments below or tweet us @RUStudentLife & tell us all the people you see when you hit the gym. Happy gyming y’all!