Pakistani flood relief/Eid charity event

“Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful.”

That is probably what the organizers of the Pakistani Flood Relief/Eid Charity event, (Pakistani Students Association or PSA) had in mind while planning it. Taking place at the Thomas Lounge in the Student Campus Centre on 21st September, it was a fun filled event with some highly entertaining things lined up for the evening. To start things off, a slideshow (put up by UNICEF) was shown which gave some background info on the ruthless floods ruining about 20 million (the Haiti earthquake affected 3 million) people’s lives in Pakistan. The Dean of Ryerson University has donated $5000 towards the cause.
The hosts were warm and pleasant and ready to explain everything about the event. The first performance of the evening was a splendid poetry recitation by the President of ASA(Afghan Students Association), Yousuf Faroqi followed by a speech highlighting the grim reality behind this tragedy from Qasim, a York University student. Next came a scintillating dance performance on Bollywood songs by Sapna from The Cast Inc. The band LPC also performed a couple of songs while being enthusiastically cheered by the 60+ people present there. Lined along the room were various stalls selling scarves, exquisite Pakistani jewelry, mouth-watering South Asian food and also a henna stall which was quite a hit with the young ladies. All the proceeds were to be given to UNICEF to support the cause. Enthralling Bollywood/Punjabi music was being played by the DJ in the background which kept everyone pumped up.

The event which turned out to be a great success, thanks to the efforts of the PSA and the Tri-Mentoring team, lasted from 4 to 8 pm, ending with a fashion show which was a visual treat. A raffle was also made a part of the event, adding to its appeal. This event was turned to reality because of the efforts of the students by doing bake sales, having talks with UNICEF, distribution of flyers around campus, and some fundraising during the Frosh week 2010. Everyone involved deserves an applause for his/her hard work and valuable contributions, all to support an extremely noble cause for humanity.