Our Global #Ramily

Submitted and Written by: Vanessa Mainella – Student Copywriter, The Ryerson Career and Co-op Centre Student Team

Hey, Rams! Welcome back to the CC blog. This post is for our international Ramily – international students at Ryerson. Attending school in a different country can be overwhelming, especially if you’re adjusting to new languages and cultures. Ryerson prides itself on being a multicultural hub of learning, and offers multiple supports to help our international students feel welcome throughout their education. Part of that education is engaging with your career journey, so we have a few tips to help with job searching in Canada. 

Research the Canadian job market: The logistics of applying for jobs might be different than you’re accustomed to. We host workshops on resume building and cover letter writing if you want to learn more. Our D2L shell also provides lots of tips and examples for your job search!

Learn about workplace cultures: Learn the subtle differences in preferred forms of communication, modes of interaction among colleagues, and management styles. Check out this document to learn more!

Network widely and proactively: Use social gatherings, faculty events, and every official networking event to your advantage! This will expand your network of contacts and allow you to practice marketing your skills in informal settings. Check out the Career and Co-op Centre’s upcoming events to find opportunities to network.

Get a mentor: Find someone who is knowledgeable, resourceful, and whom you feel connected to (e.g.supervisor, professor, friend). Seek their guidance in navigating the job search landscape. Tri-Mentoring Program can help you find a career mentor. 

If you’d like some extra help in getting familiar with the jobs in your field, feel free to check out the Career Centre website. We have Career Education Specialists who can meet with you one-on-one and talk about your transition to Canadian careers. Make an appointment with us online.

Check out these campus resources for more support while learning at Ryerson.

  • International Student Support: A resource hub for all things international! They’ll connect you to departments and services for help with financial aid, immigration, status letters, and other necessary supports while studying in Canada. 
  • Tri-Mentoring Program: The Tri-Mentoring Program offers mentorship opportunities to students of different identities and academic faculties. The program matches 1st year students with upper year students to help incoming students successfully transition into their 1st year at Ryerson. It also provides career mentors, and offers group mentoring for specific groups of students.