Once a Ram, Always a Ram

Have you returned home after studying abroad at Ryerson? We’re sad to see you go – but so glad you came to study with us! We hope your time here was invaluable – even if it may have been cut short in 2020! We understand that returning home after having lived in Canada for several years can be a disconcerting experience, especially if it was a quick response to our current health climate. Job markets worldwide differ, and you might be on a whole new career journey at home. However, transitioning back into the labour market comes with a host of challenges. Here are some RCCC tips to help manage workforce re-entry and maintenance: 


  • Articulate the relevance of your experience living abroad
  • Articulate your experience in Canada in a way that speaks to your home employer’s needs and goals, with a focus on your achievements. 
    • Stay connected to your university
      • Don’t be shy, stay in touch! Keep your Canadian friends close, and your Canadian network of contacts closer. They are your potential business partners or collaborators in the future.
      • If you are able to visit home before permanently moving back, take advantage of networking and informing friends and family of your intentions to find employment in your home country. This will open doors for you when you eventually return. 
      • Get involved with Ryerson’s alumni community. Staying connected as an alumni will offer new networking opportunities, as well as introduce you to other alumni where you live.
  • Be ready for re-entry shock
    • Reconnect with old friends and establish new professional contacts through informational interviews
    • Relearn your country’s workplace culture to ease the transition: talk to friends, family and others in your network.


Good luck with your transition back home. Also, keep in mind that Ryerson resources such as our career centre are available to you for up to 5 years after you graduate. Remember, once a ram, always a ram! 

Stay in touch, Rams!