O-Week: Day 3


Okay so you know what’s happening day one, and you know what’s happening day two…………but do you want to know what happens DAY THREE?!?!!?!??!


Zumba & Flashmob Tutorial

FLASHMOB need I say more? If you want to be part of the beeesssttt flashmob ever in Ryerson or even TORONTO history – then you better be here!! Also for you fitness gurus and active athletes we have ZUMBA! . So check it out at 11:30a.m. Check out our flash mob tutorial video here:


Cheer Competition Qualifiers

Did you watch Bring It On when you were younger? Well now it’s time to SHOW YOUR STUFF!! At 12:30p.m we will have the cheer competition qualifiers!! Each group will make their own awesome cheer and the Top 3 will be in the finals later on in the day! Are you better than her? (Lets hope 😉 )



Guinness World Record

At 2:30pm come out and be part of BREAKING A RECORD!!!!! We can’t give away what record you’ll be breaking yeeeet, but we CAN tell you it will be epic and something you’ll never forget!!

Get Your Spirit On

At 4p.m we will be getting DECKED OUT in anything and everything Ryerson colours! We will be covered in blue and gold glitter and face paint with decorated fan signs getting HYPED UP for the hockey game!


At 4:30p.m will be dinner and time to travel over to the MAC on your own time.

Cheer Competition & Pep Rally

The cheer competition FINALS!! At 5:30p.m we will pick the winner at the hockey rink! Then we will have a sweet pep rally WITH the women’s hockey team before their game!

Women’s Hockey Game

6:30p.m the game begins! Let’s get super loud and cheer on our Rams!

Black Light Party

Awwwww yeaaaah, time to let loose! At 9p.m we will be having a black light party (how cool is that) at the Ram in the Rye!

Movie Night

If you aren’t in the partying mood tonight, do not worry because we have something for you too! If you’re down to chillax then head to the quad where we will be watching the Great Gatsby at 9p.m.

That is a wrap on day three but STAY TUNED for the breakdown of the rest of orientation week! Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts for ALL of the up to date information!

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